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Steering racks

We offer steering racks in a wide of range of sizes, shapes, and models.

The steering rack is essentially the heart of the steering system. When it wears out or breaks entirely the ability to steer your vehicle is compromised. If this happens while you are driving, it can be extremely dangerous. It's for these reasons (and many more) that being alert to the warning signs of a bad or failing steering rack or gearbox can save you money, time and reduce the potential of an crash.

The steering system utilized in many modern cars is a rack and pinion steering system. The rack and pinion is comprised of multiple components including the universal joints, main and intermediate shafts, and at the center is the steering rack or gearbox. It's this central unit that receives input from the driver, by way of the steering wheel and steering column and sends a mechanical signal to tie rods and steering shafts to complete smooth and efficient left and right turns. However, from time to time, the steering rack or gearbox will wear out. Quick and efficient service to repair this important component can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major mechanical overhaul.

Therefore, if you feel that steering is loosing its integrity and precision, or perhaps the steering wheel vibrates while driving, then there very well might be a problem with steering racks. This particular component is susceptible to a number of weaknesses such as poor joints positioning, poorly protected shaft, or poor lubrication of joints.

REMANTE GROUP s.r.o. has to offer steering racks in a wide range of sizes, shapes and models. We are a company that can supply the widest portfolio of steering racks of all different types and configurations.